Bases & Trays

Hex Tiles - Douglas Page-Croft
ACW Cavalry on Premier Bases - Michael Kaspar
ACW Cavalry on Circular Bases - Michael Kaspar
Geburs on Square Slot Tray - Matt Owens-Smith
Prussian Deployment on Close Order Tray - Steve Metherington
Highland Clans on Regiment Tray - Christian Ludwig
Schiltron Formation on Custom Round Tray - Christian Ludwig
Italian Wars Project - Curtis Campbell
Custom Dux Brit/Zombie Trays - minipaintermatt 
Custom Trays - Simon Chick
Waterloo (x4) - Stephen Maughan

Border Reiver

Peel Tower - Ardi van der Heijden


Bank Conversion to 'Hotel Moderne'  - Jan Boll Jespersen
Workshop - Andy Jones 
Post Office Conversion - Jan Boll Jespersen
Warehouse Conversion - Jan Boll Jespersen
Bank Conversion to 'Northallerton Town Hall' (x3) - Robert Carter 
Red Brick Terrace Back Yard - John Phillips
Church Building & Modular Buildings - Jan Boll Jespersen
Cricket Pavillion Conversion to Guard House - Jan Boll Jespersen
AGGRO Gaming Table from multiple VBCW buildings - Glenn Norris

Carts & Wagons

Michael Awdry won the Victorian bonus theme round of the 'Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge' with this Jailer's Van.
Erick Buyck - modified Jailer's Van.  Click on the image to open his blog page.
Matt Slade - Sharpe Practice Water Cart, Ammunition Cart and Engineer's Cart.
Pat Smith - selection of Warbases Carts.
Ray Rousell - Sharpe Practice Engineer's Cart with and without load.
James Roach - Converted Peasant Cart 1 into a Pontoon Wagon


Mill Walls & Gate - John Phillips 
Small Mansard House Conversion - Jan Boll Jespersen
Shed Adaption - John Phillips
Timber Stable Block - Mikko Merilailen


Ducks - Chris Woffenden
Highland Cows - Christian Ludwig
4 Mousquetaires - James Masson
King Lewis, Queen Anna and Cardinal Richly - James Masson
Badger & Wolves - Paul Purser
Longhorn Cattle - Jonathan Wray

Dark Ages

Grub Hut - Andrew Beasley
Grub Hut x 3 - Georg Nilswohl
Viking Longhouse Georg Nilswohl
Timber Barn Georg Nilswohl
Watchtower Georg Nilswohl
Dark Ages Buildings Georg Nilswohl

Gaming Accessories

Casualty Marker - Brian Smaller
Casualty Marker - Jim Cockburn
Casualty Marker - Jim Cockburn (again)!
Balconies and Ladders (customised) - Arkham Asylum by Rich Goss
Pin Marker for Bolt Action - John Phillips
Pin Marker for Bolt Action - John Phillips
Casualty Marker & Ducks - Chris Woffenden
Casualty Marker - Lance Holden
Casualty Marker - Jim Cockburn (again)!
Pin Marker for Bolt Action Desert Rat Force  - John Phillips (again)!
Casualty Marker Grim Scenes - Stuart Mulligan x 7
Casualty Marker - Darren Smith x 2


Small, Tower, Single Storey and 2 Storey - Mick Allan x 2
2 Storey Modular & Balcony - Mikko Merilainen x 6
Modular Buildings - Simon Hunt x 6

Chain of Command

Greenhouse - Robert Carter
Potting Shed - Robert Carter
Dog Kennel (Butch!) - Robert Carter


Steam Punk Dennis Lorry - John McIntosh
Model T Ambulance conversion - Patrick Lefevre


Cabin Conversion - Geoff Coe


Crenulated Walls - Olivier (French customer prefers to remain just Olivier)


Command Tray - Sascha Herm (the circular tray was shown in WSS)

Card Dispensers - Keith Scholes (his design)

Rough Sided Base - Curt Campbell (2)

From Scratch

Tiling Sheets - Stefan Konigs


Peter Armstrong - adaption of Pegasus HQ building into a telecoms station.


Viking Knaar conversion  - Conrad Cairns x 3

Veni Vidi Vici - Roman Buildings

Temple & Hurlingstone Villa - Jeff Wasileski (7 photos) - Read his blog here:
Hurlingstone Villa - David Bickley (8 photos) - Read his blog here:


Here on our Gallery page we are pleased to display images submitted by our customers that demonstrate what can be achieved using Warbases items.

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